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    significado de la canción: lo que hay x aqu de rels b

    significado de la canción: lo que hay x aqu de rels b
    <a name="significado-de-la-canci-n-lo-que-hay-x-aqu-de-rels-b">Significado de la canción: Lo que hay x aqu de Rels B</a>

    Significado de la canción: Lo que hay x aqu de Rels B

    Lo que hay x aqu by Rels B is a song that delves into the pain of a lost love and the regret of taking it for granted. The song begins with the narrator reminiscing about their past relationship and describing their ex-girlfriend as someone who was beautiful and made them feel at home, like a sunset or watching the sea after a long time. The pre-chorus reflects their insecurity as they wonder who could be kissing their lips and acknowledges that they were not the jealous type before. They assume that whoever it is must be more handsome than them, as their ex was too beautiful for them.

    The chorus acknowledges that although it hurts to admit it, their ex moved on because the best is easy, and she doesn't miss what she left behind. The second verse reveals that they still think about her, as they check her social media and see that she has changed her appearance but hasn't deleted the photos they took together. In the bridge, the narrator remembers a memory of skinny-dipping with their ex-girlfriend in the sea and feels sad that those experiences are no longer possible with her now that she's with someone else.

    The pre-chorus is repeated before the song concludes with the chorus once again. The meaning of the song is one of pain and regret for losing someone they loved, but also of acceptance that she has moved on and is happier without them. The protagonist laments that all their ambition and success are meaningless if they can't share it with the person they love. The song also touches on societal expectations that limit people from fully enjoying the things they love.

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